What is Paytomat Merchant?

Paytomat merchant is an application that enables you to start accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method. 

What do I need to start using Paytomat Merchant? 

If you are already Paytomat user, just enter your login and password you received previously. If you are using Paytomat for the first time, go to the app.paytomat.com and register your business.

What do I need to start accepting crypto?

Enter your credentials and log in to the application by clicking on the relevant icon with the QR code image. Then show the QR code to your client and tell him the amount to be paid in local currency.   

How will I get payments?

You can receive payments in your bank account or your credit card (as it is stated in your contract), once a month or once a week. If you prefer to receive crypto, payment will be sent to the wallet of your choosing.   

I forgot my login (password), how can I recover it? 

You can restore your login by contacting support@paytomat.com.

How can I change my password? 

You can change the password by app.paytomat.com via the account settings form located at the dropdown list at the top right corner.

My transaction list has not updated since the last sale. 

Depending on the coin, transactions may appear in the list within 5-10 minutes. Try to refresh the transaction list. If your transaction has not still appeared, please contact our support team at support@paytomat.com.

The buyer cannot make a payment with my QR (generated QR doesn't work) 

Ask the customer which wallet he uses and try to generate QR at app.paytomat.com.  Please contact support team on any QR related issues.

How can I reach the support team? 

Contact us via email at support@paytomat.com or click on the Support button in the app.

Should I update my application immediately? If I stay on the old version, will it stop working?

It is not necessary to update, the old version of the app will continue working.  However, the best way to get the best QoS and enjoy new features is to update app as soon as possible. 

Can my funds be stolen when my staff uses the app?

No they can’t. All transaction they create are listed in the transaction list. Our team can make adjustments if the staff has made a mistake. Hust check the transactions after the end of each business day.

How much does it cost to use this application?   

This app is free and is designed to open the power of a decentralized world to business. 

What is the commission (fee) for me and for my client? When and how it is paid?

This app doesn’t take any fee, it’s just a tool that’s designed to run and grow your business with crypto. Paytomat does not charge any fees. The only fee you pay are the ones going to the miners of a particular blockchain.    

The client made the payment, but I do not see the success status of the transaction, how much time should I wait?  

Please wait 5-15 minutes (it can take several hours for Bitcoin transactions), then refresh your browser. If you do not see any changes, please contact support@paytomat.com.    

There is no local currency in the application. How can I add it?

You can send us a request to support@paytomat.com and ask to add your local currency.

What new features do you plan to add in future?

Follow our news https://t.me/PaytomatOfficialChannel where  you won’t miss a thing. Also, join our community at official Telegram chat https://t.me/paytomat.

How can I view the list of my transactions for the last week or month? Can I export the data and send it? 

We will add such feature in the next Paytomat Merchant releases, stay tuned .