The balance is displayed incorrectly in Paytomat Wallet. How to fix it?

The balance in Paytomat Wallet may be displayed incorrectly for several reasons:

  • There is no internet connection or there is a problem on our servers. In this case, a message about the problem with the connection or technical work on the server will appear.

  • The application is not synchronized with the blockchain. To check, swipe the screen down to manually refresh the page, or restart the application for synchronization.

  • Changes in the balance sheet are not yet recorded in the blockchain. If the transaction has just been completed, the commission is too low, or the blockchain is overloaded, confirmation of the transaction and its display in the balance sheet may take some time. Such transactions are displayed as unconfirmed in the currency info. You just need to wait for confirmation.

  • If all reasons mentioned above are still not your case, make sure that the balance you expect to see in the Paytomat Wallet is truly incorrect. To do this, visit one of the blockchain monitoring services and check the balance of the address of your coin there. If they differ, text to our support, attaching a screenshot of the balance in your wallet. And be sure to include the address with the wrong balance.

Can`t make a single transactions. All of the transactions fail!

If you are unable to complete a transaction, first review the error message (for example, the amount you entered is greater or too small than the available balance). If the Paytomat wallet shows an error code, it means that something went wrong and you should contact our support service (be sure to indicate addresses of both sides, as well as the amount of the transaction).

 If the Paytomat wallet has created a transaction and it has been displayed as Unconfirmed for a long time, pay attention to the amount of the commission. When making a transaction in Bitcoin with a low commission, it may take several hours before the transaction is added to the blockchain. If you are sure that enough time has passed, and the transaction still has not been confirmed, please text to our support, indicating the transaction ID, like this we will check the reason of the error.

Is it possible to return the funds if I sent a cryptocurrency by mistake?

Unfortunately, not. All transactions which are added to the blockchain cannot be canceled. Therefore, you should be very careful when inputting the recipient address while creating a transaction.

The Wallet has stuck on the initialization process! What should I do?

Try restarting your phone and Paytomat Wallet. If this does not help, please text to our support.

What fees does the Paytomat Wallet charge?

Paytomat Wallet does not charge any fees. What you pay is a commission to a certain blockchain miner.

Why is it important to save the seed phrase immediately after installing the Paytomat wallet?

The phrase contains all the information about your addresses and private keys that are needed to send funds. If you delete Paytomat Wallet and you do not have your seed phrase, your funds will be lost forever.

Bitcoin transactions (BTC) take a very long time. Can I somehow fix it ?

Sometimes you need to wait several hours before Bitcoin transactions are added to the blockchain. In some cases, the process can take even longer. What you can do is only to wait for confirmation.

Can I transfer my ICO tokens into Paytomat wallet?

Tokens purchased on the pre-sale have already been sent to everyone who followed the instructions ( If you have not received your tokens, please follow the instructions and send an email to

What are the security standards of the wallet?

All transactions in Paytomat Wallet (same as in other wallets) are protected by the blockchain. The only thing you could worry about is private keys.Private keys are not stored in Paytomat Wallet, but seed phrase is used to restore all keys. The seed phrase itself is encrypted using AES-256 on Android and the built-in secure keystore on iOS. Seed phrase is always stored on your device but never unencrypted.

Where are private keys stored?

Private keys are an encrypted data set derived from a seed phrase (which, in turn, is also a random sequence of mnemonically encrypted data). As long as you keep the seed phrase in a safe place, the keys belong only to you and no one has access to them.

What will happen if I set the minimum commission?

You cannot set random commissions in Paytomat Wallet, but there is always a possibility to choose the minimum commission. The only thing that can happen if you set a minimum commission is that the confirmation of a transaction in the blockchain will take more time.

Where can I use Paytomat wallet?

You can use Paytomat wallet everywhere, where the cryptocurrency is accepted, including hundreds of POS connected to Paytomat.

Why should I use Paytomat Wallet, and not some other wallet?

Paytomat Wallet offers a wide range of functions to which users have already become accustomed, by using conventional financial applications, such as:

  • loyalty program and  QR code payment

  •  in wallet PTI purchase for BTC, EOS, ETH, LTC.

  • Withdrawal of cryptocurrency in fiat from the wallet to a bank card.

  • internal exchange between multiple cryptocurrencies (BTC, EOS, ETH, LTC, DASH)

  • getting cashback when buying PTI

Why can’t I see transaction history?

Please, check  the answer to the question “The balance in the Paytomat Wallet is displayed incorrectly. How to fix it?". If you want to check the history of your tokens, go to the token page, click the “Block Explorer” button, and you will be redirected to the display service page.

Are there any plans to add ShapeShift or Changelly for cryptocurrency conversion?

The main cryptocurrencies are already available for conversion inside the wallet.

Can I export private keys?

You can find private keys of each of your currencies in the settings - “Settings” - “Reveal private keys”. By copying your private keys, you can use it in another application that supports the import of private keys. We would like to warn you! Anyone who sees your private keys can get access to the corresponding cryptocurrency address and its funds.

How to add ERC-20 tokens?

ERC-20 tokens can be added by selecting ETH on the main page, then press "+". Added tokens can be pinned on the main page. This can also be done in the settings.

What other features do you plan to add?

We plan to add more cryptocurrencies, direct integration with the Paytomat Core, handbook of points of sales which accept payments through Paytomat and many other.

I am from Russia, will the ruble be added to the list of preferred currencies?

We plan to expand the list depending on the increase of demand in a particular region.

I forgot my PIN. What can I do?

If you forgot your PIN, you need to restore it from a seed phrase in order to return access to your wallet. To do this, remove the Paytomat Wallet application, reinstall it, select “Enter Seed” on the start page to enter your seed phrase, like this you will regain access to your funds.

I lost the seed phrase to restore the wallet. Is it possible to access the wallet without it?

Seed phrase is the only way to restore access to the wallet. Therefore, it is very important to keep it in a safe place (or even several places). You can always find a seed phrase in your wallet (“Settings” - “Reveal seed phrase”) and write it down on paper (which you should hide very carefully). Without seed phrase, it is technically impossible to restore the wallet (and get access to your funds).

Why EOS? How do they differ from other cryptocurrencies?

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, EOS does not charge a fee for each transaction,. And since transactions are absolutely free, you need to save some of the system resources in order to process the outgoing transactions.

EOS can be called as a large server with a limited amount of RAM, CPU and network bandwidth. You can reserve these resources (CPU and network) or buy (RAM).

So when you start working with your EOS address, you reserve a part of your EOS coins for the transaction processing. You cannot spent them, while  the rest of your EOS-funds will be sent without commission.

How does staking work in EOS?

Each transaction (if you use an EOS account) takes a bit of your CPU and network resources. There is a daily amount of reserve and, if you receive a message about a lack of CPU or network, you can simply wait for the next day until resources replenish. 

The situation with RAM is different. The RAM you purchased belongs to you and is used to store important information about your account. For basic use of EOS, 4 KB of RAM is usually enough and there is no need to buy more. But this does not mean that you should not buy it. When you buy or sell RAM, it is performed on the inner EOS market. You can buy RAM at a low price, and sell at a higher price when in demand. Only RAM has such a feature: free network resources plus CPU always return in the same amount of EOS as it was purchased.


What does “memo” mean?

When you send currency to the exchange, exchange indicates one account for receiving and does not create receiving accounts for each member. Since their account is common (one for everyone) the exchange has to distribute money in it to understand how much they get and from whom. That is why the exchange demands the customer to send money to their account and add name tag, basically memo. When you make out the deposit on the exchange, on the payment acceptance page the exchange indicates the address where to send money and a memo (it may be called invoice). It is the second line on the deposit receiving page. It should be filled in in the “memo” field in the wallet. Only after that the money will appear on your account at the exchange.