Seed – password

Before creating an account, you need to pay attention to storage method in the Paytomat wallet. 

The system contains the SEED phrase, which is the only and unique key for accessing your account and all of the private keys of each currency. By default, SEED consists of 12 or 24 English words. 

ATTENTION: if you lose your SEED phrase, you will lose access to your account and all of your assets!

There is no other way to restore access to your account.

We suggest you back up your seed phrases on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place. A secret phrase, consisting of 12 or 24 English words (depending on your preference), is the most secure from the cryptographic standpoint (at the moment there exists no technology able to crack it)

Each SEED phrase is associated with only one Paytomat wallet account (If you type in the original phrase incorrectly, you will receive a completely different (empty) account). When entering seed phrases, choices of words will appear and we recommend you to enter the correct word by clicking the appropriate option in order to avoid a possible typing error. 


Keep your seed phrase safe! 

We strongly advise you to verify your seed phrase before transferring funds (delete the application and restore it via seed phrase) 

During account’s creation, you will be asked to set a password. 

Account password has the following goals:

  1. Password (PIN) is used to unlock wallet on your local device. 
  2. Your account will be encrypted with a password and stored in the local storage of your device, so you don’t need to import SEED every time you want to log in. The password ensures your ability to log into your account. If you lose your password, you can simple delete your account from a local storage and restore it by using the SEED phrase.


Please note: 

It is not possible to change the secret phrase. If you accidently compromised it, or suspect that the phrase could be in the wrong hands, create a new account immediately and transfer all of your funds but don’t forget to save the new secret phrase.


Personal account

  • Protect your account with a password 
  • You can use your wallet anonymously, your account is not tied to an email, phone number or other information that identifies you 
  • A password protects your account bound to a specific device


General remarks

  • Use the official software. Do not install programs from an unknown sources or hacked programs
  • Do not use Android emulator for other operating systems (i.e. Windows) to run Paytomat wallet on your PC – this further weakens the security of your assets, since the desktop OS security kernel is weaker than the Android security kernel 
  • Do not enter your wallet via public Wi-Fi or someone else’s device

We suggest you back the seed phrase up, since only the seed phrase allows to restore access to your account in the case of loss or theft of the device

If you have any difficulties with using our platform, please send a ticket to or ask your question in our chat.